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Anna Longo: Predictive Technology vs. Prophetic Techne
For Research Seminar V of the Dialogues in Philosophy and Technology, Anna Longo presents a talk on Predictive Technology vs. Prophetic Techne. The talk will be followed by a dialogue with Yuk Hui.

In this talk I am going to explore the reasons why Heidegger considers poiesis as a specific method for enquiring on this not rationally acceptable truth: the ‘essence’ of reality as metaphysical destiny. I am going to suggest that, in order to fully understand Heidegger’s proposal for resisting the absolutization of technological enframing, we have to take into account Alexander Baumgarten’s aesthetics. This will allow me to show how techne – artistic praxis or poiesis - can still save us from the danger of being reduced to mere resources of information for the autonomous evolution of AI. I’ll show how esthetic knowledge consists in prophesying on our destiny, a destiny that escapes any possible scientifically acceptable prediction.

The Dialogues on Philosophy and Technology seminar series is initiated by the Cosmotechnics/Critical AI research project, supported by the City University of Hong Kong in collaboration with the Research Network for Philosophy and Technology. The series running from Fall/Spring 2021/22 features talks and workshops with leading scholars in the philosophy of technology and aims to address urgent questions on philosophy and technology today.

Upcoming events include seminars with Henning Schmidgen (22 Feb), Andrew Feenberg (16 March), Luciana Parisi (20 April), and Carl Mitcham (25 May).


Jan 19, 2022 08:00 PM in Hong Kong SAR

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